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VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All Over, download , listen and share   LYRICS: [Verse 1:] I climbed up to the highest mountain I looked all around, couldn't find nobody Went down into the deepest valley Looked all around down there, couldn't find nobody I went across

The song "i look to you" was released in 2009 by Whitney Houston. The song has a dynamic depth of total trust and faith in a supreme God. listen to the song below, download and share!   LYRICS: As I lay me down, Heaven hear

Lyrics: There's beauty in my brokenness, I've got true love instead of pain There's freedom though you've captured me, I've got joy instead of mourning You give me joy Down deep in my soul [x3] You give me joy Down deep in my soul [x3] I never been so

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