PIANO SOLFA: Nathaniel Bassey | Onise Iyanu

Here’s solfa to play onise iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey:

m  s    l    t    d   s   r
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh


Onise Iyanu
f                                                        l

You are the God of awesome wonders
I’ve tasted of Your power
Onise Iyanu
You have shown me so much mercy
l                                          s
Much more than I deserve

d                            f
My eyes have seen, my ears have heard
l                          s
The wonders of Your grace
d                     f
Creation bows in awe of You
l                             s
And we join to give You praise
d                                    f
The words You speak turns things around
l                                   s
Your outstretched arm has lifted me
r                        m
You took away the chains and cords
f                   l       s
That held me bound

d                      f

Omniscient, Omnipotent
l                          s
The one who does great things
d               f
When I behold the things You do
l                              s
I just can’t hold back my praise

So you can just keep playing the 1 4 6 5 progression over the song as it continues to the end. Sometimes you can replace the 5 with 7

1    4    6    5/7
d    f     l     s/t

c    f     Am  g

Credit: Michael Phils

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