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November 15, 2016 SINACH Reveals New Album Title, Cover & Track List | ‘Way Maker (LIVE)’ – Pre-Order Now!

SINACH Reveals New Album Title, Cover & Track List | ‘Way Maker (LIVE)’ – Pre-Order Now!

SiNACH is Back!

With few days remaining until Sinach’s New Album hits stores, the gospel force and music minister has revealed the Title, Cover & Tracklist for the highly anticipated project. Way Maker has been widely accepted and if your choir hasn’t done the song, you need to suggest it!

The LP titled ‘Way Maker (LIVE)‘ was Recorded Live at the prestigious Mosaic Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa and it contains hit singles like WAY MAKER, HE DID IT AGAIN, NO ONE KNOWS and iSPREAD.

Way Maker (LIVE)‘ – a follow-up to her 2014’s ‘The Name Of Jesus’ Album, will be officially launched Nov 20th, 2016.

Pre Order ‘Way Maker (LIVE)‘ HERE

Sinach - Way Maker Album


  1. Great and Mighty God (Live)
  2. For Me (Live)
  3. God Alone (Live) [feat. Peter Tobe]
  4. You Are so Good (Live)
  5. I Live for You (Live) [feat. Nico]
  6. He Reigns (Live)
  7. I Fly (Live)
  8. I Adore You (Live) [feat. Casey Ed]
  9. Wonderful Father (Live)
  10. Oh Jesus (Live) [feat. Farlon Lyte]
  11. Waymaker (Live)
  12. No One Knows (Live)
  13. I Know Who I Am Reprise (Live) [feat. Adlan Cruz]
  14. I Celebrate (Live) [feat. Assent Tweed]
  15. He Did It Again (Live)
  16. Strong Faith (Live) [feat. Martin Pk]
  17. I Spread (Live) Sinach
  18. My Everything (Studio)

Pre Order ‘Way Maker (LIVE)‘ On iTunes Below;

November 10, 2016 75Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise Team Volunteer

75Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise Team Volunteer

It’s here again! Marathon Messiah’s Praise! Can you sing? Join 75 Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise (MMPraise) Team Volunteer. It will be bigger and better this time around. Below are some of the oictures from the 74hrs MMPraise.

RCCG 74hours MarathonMessiahs Praise (3)

RCCG 74hours MarathonMessiahs Praise (5)


RCCG 74 hours Marathon Messiahs Praise 2016 rehearsals (7)

RCCG 74 hours Marathon Messiahs Praise 2016 KICK OFF

Kunle Kenny at RCCG 74 hours Marathon Messiahs Praise_

Let’s do this together again! Join us in giving a gift of eternal value to God Almighty. 75Hours Marathon Messiah’s Praise; a continuous praise featuring over 50 worship leaders, over 15,000 worshipers, in 7 countries, 5 continents rendering unlimited praises to the unlimited God. Why 75 Hours? Each hour of praise represents each year of Daddy Adeboye’s life. The programme kicks-off on the 27th of February to the 2nd of March, 2017, 12pm prompt at the Youth Centre, Redemption Camp. Don’t miss it.

To join, follow the link


October 28, 2016 How to Sing High Notes

How to Sing High Notes

This article could actually be about developing anything, but let’s stick to range and high notes for now. What does it take to sing high notes? Do you have to be born with a high-pitched voice?

If you have not done the Sing With Freedom/The Singing Zone program, you will in the free video that you get on this page, see me demonstrate the principles behind why and how we can dramatically develop our range.

Being able to sing high notes is one of the most desired skills for singers. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you have probably been exposed to numerous people and ideas on the Internet in regards to how to sing high notes.

Maybe you have been on Youtube and you’ve seen all these videos on “how to sing high notes”. You’ve seen the rock singer who can indeed sing high notes, and therefore thinks he can show you, but is not aware of his tongue curling up, the jaw tension, the neck shooting forward, the increased volume that must happen for him in order to do it. (After having watched the free video alone, you will understand why this habitual usage of compensatory muscles can work for someone else, but will likely never help you improve.)

We have others who share certain exercises they have heard of, even though they have never been able to sing high notes themselves. You have heard that you should engage “breath support”, “open your mouth” and that you should do something to “lower your larynx?

And you hear all the time that you should sing scales and start in a comfortable range and then go higher little by little.

If you think about it, that would be equivalent to thinking that to be able to jump higher, the strategy would be to just try and jump higher every day. Athletes of course understand the foolishness in such a simple-minded approach.

So what about this thing about larynx position?

Many have been taught to sing scales on “guh guh guh” because, as they say, “guh lowers the larynx and that is what you need to do to sing high notes”.

Now, anyone who has even the most basic awareness of their body recognizes that just saying “guh”, does nothing to lower the larynx. The sound “g” engages the back of the tongue, and it is, in fact, quite hard to move the tongue that way without raising the larynx. And the Uuuuhhh is just a vowel that you can say in hundreds of different ways – with high larynx, low larynx, and with tension in all kinds of places.

Yes, you can of course say “guh” with a low larynx. But then it’s not the “guh” that lowers it. What lowers the larynx are the muscles that actually lower the larynx, but that you will likely never be able to isolate and become aware of however many guh, guh scales you sing. And the person who claims that “guh lowers the larynx” evidently isn’t aware of this either.

In truth, range actually has very little to do with larynx position. I can sing just as high with a low larynx as with a high larynx. However, the position of the larynx, as well as what I do with the pharynx, certainly has a lot to do with RESONANCE.

And here lies the big problem. You see, many who have trained for decades using traditional scales have never developed the awareness of the difference between, for example, range and resonance.

Many also don’t recognize the difference between range and dynamics, and think that adding volume (dynamics) is the way to sing high notes. Understandably it feels that way due to compensatory muscle action (which I demonstrate in the free video).

Those who have done the Sing With Freedom program have been engaged in developing a deep awareness of their body (and mind). They have developed an advanced ability to isolate muscles and can therefore develop very effectively in all kinds of ways.

And when it comes to terms such as “chest voice”, “head voice”, “mix voice”, etc., you will recognize that these are terms of “registers” and not range. The reason this adds to the confusion is because the person who speaks of “registers” often doesn’t know if he/she is speaking of range, resonance or dynamics, and doesn’t know which muscle does what.

So the beauty is that when you really become engaged in the process to develop greater awareness, you are through that deeper awareness able to rapidly isolate muscles on a deeper level than ever before. And now you can truly develop in extraordinary ways. The additional beauty is that practicing now becomes exceptionally fun and effective.

Credit: Per Bristow

October 28, 2016 Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

I stumbled on this question in one of my usual search online and it dawn on me that i could share my though on the question.
So, can one really learn to sing? It is a very common question, and the mindset behind the question fascinates me.

Why does someone ask this question?

I believe the reason people ask the question is because a large percentage of the population has been brought up with the mindset of “either you can or you can’t”. Many children come to believe early on in life – even if it’s in a subtle, subconscious way – that they are good at certain things and and bad at others.

And if a child shows high-level skill in an area early in life, the child is told he has been given a gift of “natural talent”.

This is exactly the mindset that keeps people where they are, and hinders them from discovering what they are capable of. In fact, we seldom give ourselves permission to discover what we are truly capable of for this very reason.

However, many successful career’s come out of what the person was once considered “bad” at. Those who refuse to settle for “can vs. can’t” go on to do what is perceived as extremely challenging – even impossible – and change the world. I would go so far as to say that there is likely not a single highly successful person who has not at some point been told that the/she was not good enough. This is exactly what drove them to become so successful.

I remember those days in the teens choir… how i found myself there was cos my teens teacher expected us to be active in church therefore engaged us with several competitions at various levels which i must say exposed me i am proud of the people i met growing up!


The word “anyone” is the first thing that makes the question ludicrous. Who is anyone? What does it matter to you if “anyone” can do something? All that matters is if YOU can do something?
What does “learn” mean? At what point have we learned to speak? At what point have we learned to play guitar? At what point have we learned to write? There are always levels of abilities in anything you do.
The question that matters is: “Can I Improve?” And the answer to that has to always be “yes”. How could it not be?

HOW to improve is a different matter. That is where strategies and methods come in. I have previously outlined why it is that people develop very little through decades of singing scales, but can develop dramatically in week shifting the strategies.

If you haven’t seen the free video where I outline this, watch the free video on how to dramatically improve your voice here.

So then the real question, frankly the only relevant question to ask yourself, is: “Do I want to improve?”

Then it is only a matter of engaging in methods to do so. We will share some really helpful videos soon, so watch out.


What do you think

October 3, 2016 Nathaniel Bassey New Album ‘This God is Too Good’ | Now Available!

Nathaniel Bassey New Album ‘This God is Too Good’ | Now Available!

One of Africa’s most celebrated worshiper, songwriter and music minister, Nathaniel Bassey has released his highly anticipated album ‘This God is Too Good‘ Today. Featuring his latest worship anthem ‘Onise Iyanu’, the new LP is now available on iTunes, spotify & other major digital outlets..

The 14-Track album which features award winning american singer Micah Stampley, Onos Ariyo, Chigozie Achugo, Joe Mettle & more, comes after Nathaniel’s Night of Worship Concert which held yesterday – Oct 2nd, 2016 in Lagos.

See Tracklist below;

  1. I ’ ve Come to Worship
  2. The Champion (feat . Joe Mettle)
  3. This God Is Too Good (feat . Micah Stampley)
  4. Glorious God (feat . Jumoke Oshoboke)
  5. Eze
  6. You Are God (feat . Chigozie Achugo )
  7. Onise Iyanu (feat . Micah Stampley)
  8. Like a Symphony (feat . Unwana Bassey & Jumoke Oshoboke )
  9. I Love You
  10. Celebrate Jesus (feat . Onos Ariyo)
  11. Great and Marvelous (feat . Onos Ariyo)
  12. Oh Jehovah
  13. The Blood
  14. Wonderful Wonder (feat . Lovesong)

Get on iTunes HERE

February 13, 2016 Frank Edwards And Pastor Oyakhilome’s Daughter In Love Net

Frank Edwards And Pastor Oyakhilome’s Daughter In Love Net

There appears to be chemistry between gospel singer Frank Ugochukwu Edwards and one of the daughters of Pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome, who are reportedly divorced.

According to Blackbox Nigeria, Frank Edwards as he is popularly known, is rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with the first daughter, Sharon Oyakhilome.

Frank and Sharon

Frank who is currently abroad for a show has been spotted with Sharon on different occasions.

Although the duo are yet to confirm or deny the speculation, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish the new Romeo and Juliet in town well.