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May 17, 2017 AUDIO: No Other God – Dammie [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

Damilola Ogungbeje is the current National Music Director of Agape Christian Ministries, with her Headquarter in Akure. A versatile song-writer and Music Minister. For over 15 years, he has led and directed Music cum Music Ministers across diverse shapes and form. After the release of his First and second single last year (Great & Mighty and Farabale), he set to release the GROOVE OF THE YEAR, titled NO OTHER GOD.



Verse 1
In the morning will I rise
To give praise and list you high
Cos you never leave my side
When I’m wrong you turn me right
Na your love dey make me shine
E dey sweet me pass wine o
Everywhere you dey follow me go
Your favor and grace sef dey join me dey go
When I’m broke you give me ego
Say make I dey show
The whole wide world how good you are
How great you are
Words go fail me if I start o
All I wanna is Baba E se /5x
No other God besides you
In Ibo language we say
Onyeoma 4x
Baba e se
No other God besides you
Oh oh oh
Baba e se
No other God besides you

Verse 2
I’m gonna celebrate
Cos your love is deliberate
When I fall you carry me up
When I’m sad you’re cheering me up
You never let me down
You turn me around
Na you be God o
My personal God o
I’m gonna give you my praise
Every moment or day
Give you my worship not minding the place I’m turning up turning up
Cos you deserve it /3x


Download “No Other God - Dammie” NO-OTHER-GOD..mp3 – Downloaded 941 times – 5 MB

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