AUDIO: Chen Emmanuel x The GraceBound Crew – Big God [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

In an overwhelming sea of words, it becomes impossible to describe a God with multiple personalities. Whatever we choose to call Him might just be limited to our revelation of Him and His love. He is beyond comprehension and as such even our imagination is limited. This song by Chen Emmanuel and the GraceBound Crew is a simple worship song that just calls Him the Big God. The chorus is a renowned Igbo song with a reviewed progression.

Oh ooo
Oh ooo

There is no one
Who can love me like You do Lord
No one that’s compares to you
There is no God
Who can do the things You do
There is no God
No God like You (x3)

Otua ka Chineke anyi di

Agidigba ooo
Agidigba ooo… ka Chineke anyi di
Agidigba ooo
Agidigba ooo (x2)

My God is bigger… Bigger ×16

There is no God
There is no God
No God
That compares to you (x4)


Download “Big God - Chen Emmanuel” Chen-Emmanuel-x-The-GraceBound-Crew-–-Big-God.mp3 – Downloaded 1446 times – 6 MB

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