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AUDIO: Arole – I Believe | (@@favorablly) [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

Here’s a new song from Arole titled “I Believe” can as a result of the challenge I was facing in my job. I was about to be sack as a result of hatred. This song was God’s message from God and my case was settled my God.

I Believe
Oh Lord, Lord you know
No matter what I am going through in my life
Won’t stop me from trusting in you Lord
Even in time when I’m broke
I will alway trust you Lord
Even in darkest time, you’ve alway be my light
I believe with you all things are possible
Lord I believe, I believe

I believe in you Lord – 2x

Verse 1
When I think about your love
And your grace and your mercy
How you left your throne
so that I might be free
In your death was a plan and the plan everlasting gain
So I lay down my life to follow you


Verse 2
‘hun o pe bi Ologun eru
‘hun o pe bi oniwofa ogbon
Oba nla, Oba to lo kanrinkase
Ogbe ‘nu mudia sola, ogbe ‘nu adelebo fohun
Oro gbe nu eniyan fohun
Apa nla to so le aye ro
Mo gba o gbo ninu ohun gbogbo
Iwo lo le se ohun tenikan ko le se
Aseda, Aweda, Ameda, Aribitirabata
Jamolaya bi ara, a duro ti ni lo jo ogun le
Ara to san ni gbo ta ro p’oba koso ni
Oba koso ko o, Olorun o gbe nu orun pese ni
O joko lori obiri aye, gbogbo aye wa da bi elega ni wa ju re
Isan omi ri pe ona won, ni pe agbara Eledumare Oba to bi mi lomo ni
Oba awon Oba, King of kings, Lord of lords

I want to love you more
I want to know you more
I want to trust you more
Every day, every time
Take a step you can see that we confirm
That faith is all you need to keep your standing firm
your path is swelling, mind is shaking , heart is aching
But you can left those hands like you’re in heaven realm
Knowing that is word is there to keep you on
Through the storm, in the sun and in the rain
you got all you need to win
you can shout the victory
cause is there can’t you see
His love is all that guaranty
I believe and receiving and confessing His blessings
Is Gabby with Kenny and P, laying track
Gbogbo aye ewa ri si this fact.
Incase you losing, is time you get back



Download “Arolejesu - I believe” Arolejesu-I-Believe.mp3 – Downloaded 1121 times – 8 MB






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