AUDIO: Mmema – Idara [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

May 7, 2018

Mmema, one of Nigeria’s top gospel artists, is thrilled to announce the release of not just a single this time but two new singles, entitled “Idara” (Rejoice)  produced by Roy-Xperience.

“Idara” (Rejoice) is a song of celebration structured in familiar arrangement with verse and chorus so the average listener will immediately feel at home. “Idara” is a traditional song with a contemporary feel carved out of Apostle Paul’s popular charge in Phillipians 4:4, “Rejoice and again I say rejoice.” It’s vibrant, melodious with punchy phrases.

Once again it’s a mixed blend of two local dialects and English language. This combination gives it a soothing embellishment making it danceable and enjoyable. “Idara” has a rich variety of interesting instruments which make it distinctive and memorable. You will have a reason to put on your dancing shoes.



Idara (Rejoice)
Kop idara ke esit mmi 4x
Its time to dance and celebrate the Lord
Lord I wanna take this time
To thank You for all You’ve done for me
You have blessed me
And all around me
Your love
Is deeper than the ocean floor
You are tasted and trusted
You are the great God
Even when the enemies gather
You have always been my Father
I call you Jehovah
Idi Olopu Judah (Lion of Judah)
Afo omodiong mi o (You have blessed me)
Ndinam nso nno fi (What shall I do in response)
Edidem mme ndidem (King of kings)
Di bo ekom ke inua mmi o o (Take the praise from my lips)
Itoro enyene fi ke nsinsi (Adoration is Yours forever)
Ndito abasi edi tiene mi ekwo .. (Children of God join me and sing)
Idara idara 2x
Idara idara 2x
Ino obong ke ima
(Rejoice to the Lord for His love)
Rejoice rejoice 2x
Lets dance before the Lord.
For the rest of my days
I’ll be here praising
Praising You
You can lend me your hearts as we sing
As we sing
He deserves your love
He deserves your praise
Sister give Him the glory
Brother give Him the glory
Daddy give Him a dance
Mama give Him a dance yeah
Common move your body
Move move move move your body

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