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AUDIO: Fretless – Yin Baba | @FretlessJ [Lyrics + Mp3 Download] – Download Latest Nigerian Gospel Music + Lyrics | Piano Tutorials

AUDIO: Fretless – Yin Baba | @FretlessJ [Lyrics + Mp3 Download]

April 14, 2018

YIN BABA is a slow tempo Yoruba song that has all it takes to sway you left and right without you knowing you are doing so.

The inspiration for the song came after giving a deep thought of the very many things Baba God has done for him. Like the saying goes, “If you know how to think, you will surely know how to thank”.

It’s a song for anyone and everyone who has a reason to be thankful. He hopes this song becomes indelible in the minds and on the lips of people that love to thank God for what he has done and is still doing in their lives.If you are thankful, you will be dancefull.



Verse 1:

Ore Oluwa si mi po,
laye mi, emi a yin baba logo… X2
Fun dida to da misi
and his goodness i see
emi i yin baba logo


Call: Mode wa sope
Resp: Baba..

Call: motun tope da
Resp: Baba..

Call: emi a sope sope ooo
Resp: Baba..

Call: fun eleru buike ooo
Resp: Baaaabaa

Call: Emi a jijo ope o
Resp: Baba..

Call: Pantubu ilu, ebami jijo ope ooo
Resp: Baba..

All: Emi a yin baba logo

Verse 2:

Beru ma monu ro, a mope da
Beru ba dupe ore, a ri omiran gba
ma ayin baba logo
araba ni baba, eni abalaba ni baba
mo rababa fun baba agba to to baba
ma yin baba logo
from the east to the west,
and the north and the south
there’s nobody can do me like u do me
ma yin baba logo



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